Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adverb City

Adverbs are good words, but they can be quite unimaginative. Use 'em sparingly! More active verbs and/or phrases can be substituted. Consider these examples:
Okay: They walked along the riverside, talking cheerfully until the sun went down.
More Interesting: They walked along the riverside, chattering like squirrels on caffeine until the sun went down.
Okay: "Get out of my room!" she said angrily.
More Interesting: "Get out of my room!" she yelled, shaking her fist in his face.
Okay: Jim looked curiously into the box, wondering what was inside.
More Interesting: Jim peered into the box. What was inside?
Okay: She followed her mother hesitantly into the dining room, fearful of a scolding.
More Interesting: She followed her mother into the dining room, her shoes dragging across the carpet. Oh, dear. If her mother scolded her again, she'd burst into tears for sure....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tidbits of Writing Info

Ok, so I read the latest SCBWI national Bulletin, and came up with these gems of wisdom:
--Demand for fantasy is softening (kinda hard to believe)
--Vampires and werewolves are still big but may not last much longer (easier to believe)
--Publishers are reducing the number of books published, and the amount of copies printed
--Find an agent who knows about print runs and price points before beginning negotiations (the WHAT? yes, I need an agent!)
--Fantasy should NOT be trendy or derivative
--Good YA novels have original openings
All good advice, and things to ponder...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Children's Writing Agents

I found a really good site that lists new agents. A lot of these handle children's writing, and since they are new to an agency, they are actively seeking a new client list. It's called the Guide to Literary Agents, and it's found at this url:,category,Children%27s%20Writing.aspx
The site takes a long time to load, because it's a long page with lots of bio pics. On the left is a sidebar with MORE links to helpful blogs about writing and agents. Good stuff!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A New Slant for My Blog

Okay, so I've been thinking and reading about blogs, and it seems I'm using this mostly as an online journal. Like, who would want to read it? Most of the time, I'm even boring myself. Seems like a chore, one more thing to do. And I compare it to other witty, lively blogs and think whoa, mine is SO not like that. But I don't have time or don't want to take the time to be witty and interesting.
AND SO...I will start changing the focus of this blog, my blog. I will list things I've learned, things I've researched, tips on writing, etc. With just a few personal updates thrown in. How about that, eh?