Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Novel Writing

Fooey on cyberspace and Internet technology. I had a blog entry written up this morning, and my connection dropped (or some such pathetic excuse) and I lost the whole thing. Now, if I could remember what I said... Something about how complex novels were to write, because how characters had to act like real people, and keep their actions consistent with themselves and with reality/real situations. The characters have to grow believably throughout, and gradually. Then you have to be concerned with plot, theme (what AM I trying to say with this book??), subplots, whether or not it has a hook, pacing (do I have yawner spots?), etc. Very complex. But I love it, mwuah-haha! I like the challenge, I guess. Not sure how totally good I am at it, but then, I've read some books that I didn't like the character development of, or the theme, or the ending, etc. So subjective, in a lot of ways.

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