Friday, June 25, 2010

Obstacles in Blogland

I've read Writing it Sideways' post on copyrighting and posting others' work online this morning, and it makes me nervous about my new blog focus! This link expresses some of the concerns:

Look halfway down the page for the section on critiques. While I have been posting only one pagers, I worry about infringing on any potential copyright problems for writers who may get published someday. The post DID say less than one chapter was probably okay, though, and all I'm posting is one-pagers.

I suppose the BEST place for critiques is in a critique group, either live or via email. More privacy that way, less worries about copyright. But a lot of writers don't mind if their work is made public or critiqued publicly. It can be a learning experience for other writers, too, even if those writers don't want THEIR pages publicly shredded! I just wonder about the publishers.

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