Thursday, July 15, 2010

Link Party!

As an extra post I have decided to veer off for a bit and post links to various new and/or helpful sites I've run across in my travels through cyberspace.

1. The first site spotlighted can be found at:

This blog features all kinds of writer info, and most interestingly, also features excerpts that are peer critiqued. I initially found my info about copyright here, the info that made me backtrack slightly in my new blog focus because I didn't want to step on publisher copyright toes with my online critiques. If you think you might have some time to leave some feedback for the YA Fantasy posted today, rip on over there to the site! I'm sure the writer will appreciate your critique. Remember to "sandwich" your critique feedback with soft and kindly words of praise ("bread"), too.

2. The next featured site can be found at:

This blogsite is written by M.J. Macie, a mystery writer. I like her byline, which quotes Red Skelton as saying: "Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God." So true. Mary's current topic is entitled How to Avoid Developing Writer’s Apprehension Disorder (WAD), and is presented in a series of parts. She neatly ties in possible anxiety and worry about one's writing with ways to combat those feelings, particularly focusing on ways that you can allow God to help ease your concerns. She also discusses dealing with rejection, and the importance of getting another pair of eyeballs on your story.

3. The second new site I've discovered is Natalie Whipple's Between Fact & Fiction:

She's a kick! The blog is fun to read, and informative too. Also, Natalie has landed the ever-popular and sought-after Nathan Bransford as her agent (*suppresses a bounty of really ugly GREEN feelings* LOL) and is in the middle of editing one of her novels for publication. Since she's at a stage in the writer's life that I don't know much about--what comes after you land an agent and a publisher--I am insanely curious as to the specific processes she's going through. The agonies, the nose-to-the-grindstone kind of stuff. She had an amusing contest to make her laugh recently, the winner of which was a clever poem by a follower. I found her link from the Adventures in Children's Publishing site, from their weekly Friday postings of links.

4. Another site I followed via an Adventures in Children's Publishing link is the MiG Writers blog:

This blog is co-written by a group of six published writers who focus on Middle Grade and Young Adult novel writing. They cover crucial writing tips such as finding a good premise, and using details to advance plot and create emotional connections. They recently had a really cool contest where writers submitted entries of their novels boiled down to one, concrete sentence. It was fun to see the hook line of many interesting novels. Maybe someday we will see these authors in print and get to read their books!

Okay, that's enough for today. I have some other social networking to do, plus I'm setting up a website for a writer friend via Blogger. Onward! (Yeah, someday I'll get back to that novel I'm writing….)


  1. Thanks for mentioning MiG Writers, Carol! Your blog looks interesting too.

  2. Thanks for listing a link to my blog.I checked out the other links you listed and am now following them as well. I think listing some of your favorite links is a great idea! We learn so much from other writers and are able to share our knowledge as well. M.J.


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