Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Shout Outs!

FYI, a shout out to two other blogs out there in cyberspace!

The first is Emily White's Stepping Into Fantasy blogsite. She's started up a Goober Writers Anonymous group where she posts blurbs about writers who have made mistakes both large and small, and learned from them--the hard way. Here is her first post, her own story:

MY big Goober tale will be posted next week! Thursdays are official Goober days. Click on over, and join Emily's Goober group. Scroll down a bit to the September 7 post for details about how to do a guest post on her blog. She'll give a shout out link to your blog, and post your written Goober for the world to see and learn from. If you don't want to join, just read!

The second blogsite is East For Green Eyes, which has now reached 100 followers and is having a big celebration contest with a selection of fun prizes to choose from. Books! Critiques! CHOCOLATE! Become a follower and qualify to enter. Extra points awarded for spreading the word, or you may write a 500-word story about her blog byline. Check it out at:

Click the contest link at the top or scroll down a bit to the September 6 post. Have fun out there!


  1. Aw! Thanks so much for the blog love! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!


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