Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Many thanks to everyone who entered the book giveaway, and for your enthusiasm. I wish everyone could have won a free copy! I numbered the entries in the order people signed up, giving two entries' worth to those who posted other links or spread the word. Then, I visited and let it choose a number. And so…(drumroll, please) the winner is:


I was quite surprised that the random generator chose a number at the end of the numbered range, but it did. Funny random stuff. So yay, Rosie wins a FREE copy of my young adult fantasy novel, Junction 2020: The Portal. She can write to me at artzicarol [at] gmail [dot] com to let me know where she would like her free book shipped.

Next Wednesday I will be back to posting my regularly scheduled weekly critiques. If anyone has an excerpt 250 words or less that you'd like critiqued on this blog, feel free to send it along to my gmail. It's okay if it's a few words over 250; go ahead and finish your sentence.

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