Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Award!

Many thanks to Lovely Lynda at W.I.P It for awarding me a blogging award, and for the sweet things she said about me and my blog, HERE. Awww! Go visit Lynda at her "down under" site!

And now, as is my duty and delight, I will mention 7 things about me and pass the award on to other bloggers.

I collect dragons! Here are 7 of them (this counts as 7 new things, right? LOL):

Shown here: my large blue-green-violet dragon, my dragon in an egg, my skeleton dragon, my dragon with a ball toy, my pretty glittery dragon, my glass dragon, and my book dragon (the latter of which sits on the shelf on my writing desk for inspiration!).


Discovered lately while prowling around cyberspace and chancing upon blogsites new to me:

Gabi at:
[enter by Saturday to win a 25-page critique, and help her reach 200 followers!]

Bekah at:
[gotta love her byline: "Books. The other TV."]

Julie at:
[she has a special going on, Grand Opening of her blog, 30% off her editing services!]

Clarissa at:
[not only does she discuss writer info, she shares food recipes, yummers!]

Lola at:
[check out the sweeeeet rat holding a teddy bear photo on her Nov. 17 post!]

Visit these sites if you haven't already, and make some new blogger buddies!

Which of my dragons do you like the best?


  1. Those are some pretty impressive dragons! :) Have to say, the one on the book is my favorite.

  2. Hi Margo, thanks for stopping by. Yes, the book dragon has almost fairy-like wings. Cool!

  3. That glass dragon is amazing! Beautiful collection!

  4. Thanks, Jennifer! I have over FORTY dragons; these are just 7 of them. My babieeees. Alas, the glass one has a broken foot that I need to glue after my daughter dropped the remote control on it. LOL

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  6. (Take two - first attempt had an awful typo in the first line! ;D)
    Hey Carol! Congrats on the award!!!
    Such beautiful dragons! I think my favorite is the one that looks like a miniature of one that I might find next to the dinosaurs in the Museum of Natural History. And thanks for the mention! Do I actually get to post that pretty award on my own blog?

  7. Hi Julie, yes, you DO get to post the award on your blog somewhere. Ah, you like my skeleton dragon, sweeet! It's interesting which one different people like.

  8. Wow, Carol, THANK YOU! I'm so proud! And I will definitely keep the violet tint. It's very nice and fits my blog design. :)
    Now I'm working my way through the list of other bloggers you've mentioned and discovering some great blogs that were unknown to me. Should I pass it on as well?

  9. Congrats on your award! I just won a dragon from my blogger friend Laura Diamond, and can't wait to get it soon.
    Nice to meet you, your blog, and your dragons!

  10. Congrats on the award! I love the blue-green-violet dragon the most! They're all so pretty, though. I collect fairies, myself. I love me some sparkly fairies.

  11. Hi Lydia--nice, you won a dragon. How cool is that? :) Great to meet you too.

    Hi Emily, nice to see ya. Oh yeah, the b-g-v dragon is one of my faves. In fact, that is the daddy dragon, and I have a green-toned mother, and a little red baby as part of a set!

  12. Congrats on your award! I love your dragons - I've always loved dragons myself. My favorite is the one on the book. Where do you buy them?

  13. Thanks, Nicole! I've bought my babies in various places. The Oregon coast, and a collectibles store in Portland, Oregon. Alternative-type stores, and even in variety stores like Bi-Mart has a few (tiny ones). Online has some too. The glass dragon I bought in northern California at a glass-blowing shop along I-5.

  14. Oh how I love your dragons! That book dragon is so lovely. I love that s/he's on a book, of course, but also those wings! Yes, that one is my favorite.

    I love dragons too...and fairies (even though I don't write fantasy-- though I love to read and watch it). We just watched How To Train Your Dragon and daughter and I cried. (husband thought we'd lost our marbles) And, best of all, my daughter's 15 and in high school...and their mascot is, yep, a dragon! A big fierce red dragon. :)

    CONGRATS on your award! I love that you turned it lavender. So pretty. (I wouldn't know how to do that if you put a gun to my head)
    And, THANK YOU for thinking of me to pass it along to. I'm honored and grateful. :)

    Have a delightful weekend (we're off in just a few minutes to go see HP7!)...and thanks again.

  15. Hi Lola! Yep, fairies are cool too. So great that you can share books with your daughter--I shared Harry Potter with mine. Enjoy the movie! My daughter is coming to visit the 24th to see it, and I can't wait.

  16. Those are exquisitely beautiful dragons. When I had my book store, I used to sell delicate yet fearsome dragons myself.

    You have a lovely blog. Hope to see you at mine. Roland

  17. Thanks, Roland, and it's nice to meet you. I will certainly be checking out your blog too!

  18. COngrats on the award and thank you for passing it on to me!! I have been meaning to get by to your blog for a while and lgad that I did : ) I love the crystal dragon- so beautiful. I'm also going to check all those other new blogs!

  19. Thanks for stopping by, Bekah! Glad you like the crystal/glass dragon, and I hope you enjoy the new blogs I've been discovering lately.

  20. Carol, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you did so that I could see yours!

    I follow most of your awardees, and they're all great. AND my son LOOOOVES dragons. I'll show him your pictures. He'll love them!

  21. Hi Julie! Nice to see you here. Oh good, yes, share with your son. I'll have a REALLY cool guy-type dragon posted tomorrow, stay tuned!

  22. Hey Carol! I've been fighting the flu, but I FINALLY got to post about the award! Please check it out when you have a chance. :) Thanks again!

  23. thanks for visiting my blog again- yes I'm like you- I never eat while I'm writing because it is toooo messy. High fructose corn syrup is evil!


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