Friday, November 12, 2010

Rowling Along with HARRY

Today, ex-Agent Orange, the famous Nathan Bransford, invited his readers to post articles about Harry Potter on their own blogs, in honor of his self-proclaimed HARRY POTTER WEEK. See the bottom of his November 12th post.

Cool, I thought. In fact, that could most excellently tie into my next blog post about being creative with words--which I will post next Wednesday for my usual weekly post.

So, onto the writing of Ms. Rowling (pronounced "rolling," I've heard).

JK Rowling is very imaginative in her writing style. Not only does she construct a mean plotline, memorable/dramatic scenes, and intriguing characters, but her writing contains imagery and figures of speech that can delight a writer's mind.

QUOTES from Book 7, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

1. He was so pale that he seemed to emit a pearly glow. (p. 3)
2. "I'm only yanking your wand, I'm Fred really--" (p. 52)
3. A horrible, half-sucking, half-moaning sound came out of the square hole, along with an unpleasant smell like open drains. (p. 97)
4. Her beaky nose, red-rimmed eyes, and feathery pink hat gave her the look of a bad-tempered flamingo. (p. 141)
5. "And you're supposed to be dying of spattergroit at the Burrow!" (p. 231)
6. The cold was agony: It attacked him like fire. (p. 370)
7. It looked like the bizarre offspring of a workbench and a set of old shelves… (p. 400)
8. The white marble tomb, an unnecessary blot on the familiar landscape. (p. 501)

As shown by these examples, Ms. Rowlings uses different kinds of imagery. She utilizes senses of smell and physical sensations. She crafts phrases of speech that are unique to the novel, as in Example #2. She invents words like "spattergroit," which makes her fantasy world more concrete and more intriguing. She paints specific word-pictures for her readers.

And that, in part, is why her readers adore her work.

Okay! Now get out there, Harry Potterites, and go see the movie when it comes out on November 19!

Be sure to view the exciting trailer at: Harry if you haven't already seen it. If that linky doesn't work, youtube and other places in cyberspace have the Deathly Hallows trailer.


  1. My favourite word plays from her are in how she uses other languages to enhance imagery- like Malfoy (bad faith), Voldemort (flight of death, or theft of death) and Lupus (wolf). Subtle for some kids, and cool for adults.

  2. Oh yes, Anne-Marie! Rawling has delved into the Latin and other languages, to make up her names as well as invent some of the spells. Very clever. Thanks for the run-down on what the names mean! It's all fascinating.

  3. Imagry in writing is so important and yet so often it's forgotten.

  4. I love the depth and complexity JK's research and writing skills brought to her work. I know she doesn't need to write anything else, but I really wish she would.

  5. Lynda--I know! and yet some writers don't put any imagery in their sad. LOL Well, if it's not their strength and they have no interest in doing so, then I guess they shouldn't.

    Elaine--I totally agree; Rowling's research and skills are great, and I would hope she loves writing enough to continue!

  6. I really need to read one of the HP books as I have yet to read one. No particular reason. I just haven't. I'll check one out at the library tomorrow. And thanks for stopping by Matthew's blog today. Its great to meet you.

  7. Thanks, Stephen, for following me "home" from Matthew's blog! Nice to meet you, too. Harry Potter isn't for everyone, but I hope you enjoy it!


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