Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tag, you're it!

Susan Fields has tagged me--tagging being the latest craze since blog-award-bestowing. My duty is to answer the following questions:

Do you think you're hot?
Only when hot flashes descend upon me. Then I peel off layers like crazy, in turbo speed.

Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment.
[photo removed in 2012 due to potential copyright issues; better safe than sorry!]   I found it on, where I go to drool over digital art. CGHub is another digital art site I haunt.

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
Last Wednesday I homecooked some oven-baked chicken, and sprinkled a dash of curry on it.

The song(s) you listened to most recently?
Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole." Good for exercising in between revision sessions. I like this youtube version that has TWILIGHT movie scenes with it.

What were you thinking as you were doing this?
My revisions for my agent, naturally. My brain has no room for anything else these days.

Do you have nicknames?
"Carol" is hard to turn into a decent nickname, so no one really has. My two grown daughters, however, call me "Mommer."

Tag 5 blogger friends (you are It!)

Who's listed as number 1?
Emily White, who has recently accepted an offer from Spencer Hill Press for her sci-fi novel, ELEMENTAL! Check out her recent blogpost regarding this (see link for #1).

Leave a lovey dovey message for number 2.
Lyn, you're a SUPER critiquer buddy to have, and I'm so glad we decided to swap initial manuscripts. Lovely to have you on my wavelength, way "down under" in Oz.

How did you get to know number 3?
Wow, Rosie, where DID we meet? I think it was an online group critique forum called The Mansion, where we began critiquing each other's novels. Rosie's now another of my great critique partners.

How about number 4?
I met Rachael as she kicked off her recent, monumental Writer's Platform Crusade. She is one busy and organized gal, and she's totally into the horror genre. Another writer from Oz (Australia).

Say something about number 5.
Julie has recently acquired at agent, woo! Massive congrats to her, and much luck with her revisions and subbing.

Have YOU been tagged by one of your bloggy friends lately?
What's the song that's stuck in your head these days?
How's your writing coming along--in the querying trenches yet?


  1. Congratulations on your tag. Nice and fun facts about you and your friends.

  2. Carol, thanks so much for the tag, and for the kind words. I wish the same thing for you as you go out on submission *fingers crossed*

  3. That is a gorgeous wallpaper! Thanks for tagging me! I think I might just have to participate in this one!! :)

  4. I am far too ashamed to admit the song stuck in my head. Come to think of it, that seems to always be the case with me. Eh, fine! I've been hearing Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga all over the place; it's on the new Google Chrome commercial, and pretty much on the radio - on any station - wherever I am! Of course, if she wanted to make it more relevant to me, she would change it to Edge of Frustration to symbolize how I feel about my revisions (which I JUST started, too). It didn't take long for the frustration to kick in!

  5. Loved reading your answers--didn't know you were old enough for older daughters! And Julie got an agent! Wow!

  6. Yep, that's a great song...and I love the wallpaper. Thanks for the tag and the kind words. You are a doll :)

  7. Darn it, the wallpaper didn't show up. :(

    I hear you about revisions. My brain is full of that stuff. (Just ask my kids). ;)

  8. Being tagged is so fun! I got tagged once or twice. And I'm definitely in the query trenches! Another rejection today...

  9. Love your wallpaper and supermassive black hole. Whenever I hear it I just want to MOVE my body (in private where no one can see my horrible 80s dance moves).

  10. Nice meme! Mommer. I love that! I'm a mommy, myself. :)

  11. Fun. I could contemplate the wall paper for hours. With or without wine.


  12. I also really love the wallpaper. Also love Love LOVE that Muse song. I have it on a soundtrack, too, but it's reserved for that one scene from some fan fiction I wrote several years ago, which I hope to find a place for someday. I think I have an idea where to use it, but I'll keep that a secret for now :)

    Thanks for the tagging. The Mansion it was, yes.

  13. This is really a wonderful way to get to know others and a fun break away from what we usually see. Great post!

  14. This is a great post with new people to learn about. I will have to check out the digital art. That pic is so amazing!

  15. Hey, please stop by my blog to pick up your reward!

  16. Oh! Love that image Carol! Boy that took me back - there were some illustrated books I read way back in preschool and they featured Zaviyalov's illustrations.

  17. Hmm, or at least they look almost exactly like that. Off to research some more...

  18. Hey Carol, ta for tagging me :) Love that pikkie, very cool!



  19. Have I been tagged lately? No, but I think I'm okay with that.
    What's the song that's stuck in my head these days? 'Notes from the Coroner', by Chely Wright.
    How's your writing coming along--in the querying trenches yet? No novel querying, but I've been sending out some short stories to mags, and I'm going down to Kansas for a two-week workshop, as well as some other stuff I've got on the go. I'm doing great!

    By the way, the poll is still open for what book I should read and share my thoughts about next on the Kelworth Files, and I really need book lovers, (particularly science fiction and fantasy) to give me their opinion. So, come by and check out the poll options!

  20. Love that pic! Wow!!! I have been tagged. It's so much fun. My fav song lately is: MORE by Usher.
    As for writing, I have a full MS with an agent right now. Haven't heard back from her yet. Hoping she loves it. We'll see. And, I'm blocking out a new WIP. Love that part. It's fun.

    Good luck on your revisions. =D

  21. What a neat and fun thing to do! I really enjoyed getting to know more about you. :)

  22. How cool. I love the digital art you uploaded.

  23. Love to learn more about you, Carol. And that pic is outstanding. I copied it for myself. THanks for the link!! :)

  24. I've never been tagged. Ever. Thankfully. But its fun to learn a little more about other bloggers.

  25. That's a beautiful picture you have for your wallpaper!! Good luck with your revisions too :)


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