Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tagged--Again (Warp Version)

Many thanks to Pat Newcombe, who awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award!

Also, Alison Miller has tagged me, as well as Lynda Young (who RE-tagged me after I tagged her, the silly goofy). Since I've already played the tag game and just had a blog award post, I'm going to warp the "rules."

1. What were you thinking while doing this?
REVISION UPDATE: After 9.5 weeks (2 months) of nose-to-the-grindstone work on my first round of edits/revisions for my agent, I have submitted it to her. Whee! I hope she likes the changes. It now stands at 81K words, up from 64K, so I added quite a lot of story. I do like the changes. But I'm confident if it still needs work, Kelly will point me in the right direction. The next step will be a line-edit and scene tightening/expanding kind of revision unless she thinks I've missed the mark on more major stuff.

2. When was the last time you ate PIZZA?
Last week. If more than a week goes by without pizza, I start thinking, "Wow, I haven't had a pizza for a while…" I like Papa Murphy's U-Bake pizzas. They're cheaper than store-bought, and delish. The hubbs and I go for the Papa's Favorite, which has almost everything on it: mushrooms, pepperoni, Italian sausage, olives, green pepper, and onions. Slurp!

3. Upload a pic or wallpaper you're using.
Okay, it could just be me, but I find this fuzzy kitty zombie waaay amusing: [photo removed in 2012 due to potential copyright issues; better safe than sorry!]

4. What song/songs have you listened to recently?
My older daughter, 24, is a songwriter and singer--so I have a song that she sang backup vocals for swirling through my head. The songs are soon to be on a CD, produced by a friend of hers. It's "alternative" music. Wish I had a sound clip for you to check out!

5. Tag five blogger buddies (or pass the blog award onto someone)
Nah. I'll spare ya. Enjoy your summer!! Get away from your computer and soak up some vitamin D before it's winter again, people. (This applies to everyone except for Aussies like Lynda, or others in a different hemisphere where it's already winter). Me? I'm going camping soon--getting ready for some roasted marshmallows and hot dogs! A bit of vacation before Round 2 revision begins.

How often do you eat pizza? What kind do you like?
How goes your writing projects: playing with Shiny New Ideas, editing, or querying?
Are you morphing into a shriveled anemic white thing sitting at your computer--or are you soaking up some RAYS these days?


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  1. Fun! Camping sounds like fun. I enjoy roasting marshmallows, but I don't like to eat them!

    We eat pizza probably once a week. Usually on Friday nights. I love thin crust with mushrooms and black olives, but no one else pepperoni it is. Sigh. :) Have fun camping!

  2. Congrats on finishing your edits! Wow, you added a lot. That's great, just what you wanted.
    Love the pict. I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing those adorable kittehs speaking weird Englizzzz.

  3. Papa Murphy's is the best...and you get more for your money. The kitty is adorable. Congrats to you and your daughter. The weekend is for soaking rays. Unfortunatly, I'm presently stuck behind a computer. Would rather be writing.

  4. Good luck with edits!! You are the queen of them, so I bet she'll be very happy :)

  5. Wow, congrats on finishing your edits!

    The zombie kitten is adorable! I'm querying, writing, outlining, revising, everything, LOL!

  6. Congratulations on completing your edits, Carol. This is an exciting, moving toward publication, right? I am happy for you and I'm sure your agent will love it.

    I'd say my family eat pizza once a month, but it would be every day if my son had his way.

    I haven't seen much of the outdoors because I've been polishing, or trying to, my writing, but luckily, there's no chance of me turning white from lack of sun.

    I am dying to move on to a new project, but I have to put this baby to bed first.

    Have a great vacation!

  7. LOL, Shellie!! That WAS a typical whitegirl-focused question I asked, wasn't it? Silly me...

  8. I love Papa Murphy's take and bake too! Cowboy style is my favorite. I'm working on a YA right now, first draft, almost 40,000 words in. My first ms is sitting with an agent that I'm hoping absolutely loves it and wants to sign me. :) And yes, sitting inside shriveling away. But, I'm in WA state, so there's no sun outside right now anyways. ;)

  9. muwhahaha. I'm so mean! ;)
    An official congrats from me to you for grinding your nose to a nub and finishing your edits. WOOT!

    I have pizza every friday night. It's homemade pizza and my hubby makes it. Think I might be spoilt? ;)

  10. I never tire of eating pizza. I like Papa Murphy's too, but I build my own when possible: canadian bacon, mushroom olives and tomatoes. My youngest has been gone for a while and when he's here we just have the canadian bacon.

    Loved learning all this fascinating info about you Carol. You're so together :)


  11. I have such white legs, I have to wear a long skirt to my daughter's graduation tomorrow:0)
    We've had pizza so much lately, the kids don't even want it any more. Time for me to crack open a recipe book!

  12. It was fun to get to know more about you! I'm a pizza fiend as well. Congratulations on finishing your edits-adding nearly 20K of story is a huge revision! Very impressive~ I hope you'll keep us posted on the manuscript's progress :)

  13. Hi Carol,
    It sounds exciting about your edits--sounds too like you have an awesome agent who will help as you need it. Thanks for telling me how you changed genres:) Hope that will be my story someday:))
    Have a good week and nope, I can't eat pizza anymore but do take a bite of the crust when my husband makes his.

  14. I'll trade ya a slice of pizza for a piece of lasagna. Nom nom nom.

  15. Wow, that's a lot of words to add... well done!

    And pizza. Yum! Incidentally, I'm having it tonight.

  16. So glad you are happy with your rewrite. What a great accomplishment! I'm betting your agent will be delighted too!
    Papa Murphy's is my fav also - especially the stuffed ones!! Thankfully we don't spurge very often or my "girlish figure" would suffer.
    I'm bogged down in rewrites of my novel, especially after I read "Story Structure" by Larry Brooks ( Lots and lots of work left to do. Sigh.

  17. Love the warped rules!

    I will probably have pizza sometime this weekend. It's a staple at our house.

    Congrats on completing the first round of edits and enjoy those roasted marshmallows!

  18. lol Love the wallpaper. I just finished a revision, too. Have another one waiting. Maybe I can run into that kitten first. :D

  19. Congrats on the edits! And for having such a positive attitude about possibly receiving more!

    You're a good person to do the same tag twice. And I agree with you, if I go more than a short while without having some pizza (I'm a double pepperoni girl) I get the jitters.

  20. Congrats on your stylish blogging award! That's great news :)

    Also, that kitty picture is so funny! Zombie cats...cute and dangerous!

  21. I feel the same way about pizza. I need to eat it frequently.

    I love your desktop pic.

  22. I love pizza. I eat at least once a week. Good luck with your projects. I'm in edits and I've been soaking up some rays.
    Have a great week!

  23. Such a fun post :) I guess pizza is more of a weekend thing for me. I LOVE that cat pic, and I hope you put up a link to your daughters music when it comes available :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  24. Oh my god, KITTY ZOMBIE! I love it! I want to steal it and keep it in its own brain-filled paddock where it can graze in peace.

  25. Cute tag answers! Edits, gotta love them, hu? But that's the next step to perfection. You'll do great!

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    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!
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  26. Yay for your revisions!! And how cool your daughter is a singer songwriter! You must post some clips some time so we can all hear! :)


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