Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TAG--I'm It

Yes, it's true. I've been Tagged, this time by Misha. Visit her cute li'l blog HERE.
I will answer the new Tag questions now.

1. Are you a rutabaga?
LOL. Seriously, this is a question? Of course I'm a rutabaga.

2. Who is your current crush?
Not really a "crush" but I'm really enamored by this song by Adele called "Rolling in the Deep." She has a great voice and the song is way catchy. Cool video, too--in one part there's a whole room filled with water glasses, and when the drum beats, the water ripples and shakes. The linky is HERE.

3. Upload a heartwarming picture that makes you smile.
Ain't this just adorable? So tiny! I want one.

[NOTE: photo removed after Roni Loren's summer of 2012 blogpost about using copyrighted photos on blogs!]

4. When was the last time you ate a vine-ripened tomato?
Yesterday! My mom has a small garden, and she shares her overflow of gardeny abundance. Yummers! I get cute little cukes and sweet little zucchs too.

5. Name one habit that causes other people to plot your demise?
Spontaneously erupting into R2D2-like noises when the mood strikes. It makes some people with a low tolerance for goofy (ahem, my mom) to feel inspired to tell me to stop.

6. What is the weirdest, most-disgusting job you've ever had to do?
Um, probably rinsing cloth diapers in the toilet when my daughters were babies. Followed in a close tie by cleaning up after my girls when they were sick/hurling and didn't get out of bed in time. Ah, fond motherly memories. Let's go back and do it again…

The most disgusting job my grandmother had to do was clean up after my sister and me one time after we'd filled the sink with dirty dishes and left it there for a week. This happened in a little house on her property that we used for a play house (it doubled as a place to butcher chickens). Poor Grandma had to reach into that sink of disgusting water and pull the plug--talk about slimy hurking GROSSITY. There was even a slug or 2 oozing around in the sink. One of the few (perhaps only) times I remember my grandmother being peeved at us. Oops, heh-heh.

7. Where da muffin top at?
I like Misha's answer and will plagiarize/share it: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

8. What author introduced you to your genre?
After I read SKINNED by Robin Wasserman I was interested in giving science fiction a whirl. I remembered an old story idea of mine from the 1990s, which became SHAPERS, my agented novel. My novel is light sci-fi, not full-blown sci-fi. I like that kind better; it's more along the lines of what SKINNED is (light sci-fi). SKINNED is the story of a girl whose body dies in a car crash. Her brain waves get put into a very lifelike "mech" body, a robot of sorts, where issues of humanness and identity arise.

9. Describe yourself using obscure Latin words.
EGO diligo scribo, quod EGO sum an artifex. EGO quoque utor lectio.

Translated, this means: I love to write, and I am an artist. I also enjoy reading.
No, I don't know Latin--I morphed those words into Latin via a translation site!

Have you heard Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" song?
Have you read SKINNED by Robin Wasserman?
Are you a rutabaga, and where did you hide da muffin top?
What author or book inspired you to delve into YOUR genre, or writing in general?


  1. Fun post! Umm - now I'm feeling behind the times - I'll have to check out both the song and the book.
    A rugabaga? Well, I'm more of a blackberry vine - have to watch the thorns, and put up with the mess to get the fruit.
    And, too many books and authors - but I happen to love Tolkien, Lewis, Card, and . . .many others.

  2. omg that is the cutest pic EVER! I want one, too - except I just know one of my cats would eat him. Bad cats.

  3. Fun answers! Love your Star Wars noises!
    I fell in love with Nora Robert's romances as a teenager. Probably her.

    I have the Adele CD. Love it!

  4. I like the idea it fun! I love the monkey!

  5. First of all, congrats on being tagged! Second, I want that little monkey now. Give it here and I will trade if for the muffin. You're awesome with your R2D2 noises...keep it up. :) And third, rutabaga's are short and stubby...I'll be darned if I agree to that. :D

  6. Is it an itty bitty monkey? Yay! So cute. Just for the record, i erupt into weird noises too and have a high tolerance for goofy. :) And motherhood is not for the squeamish, that's for sure. :)

  7. I LOVE Adele! Have you heard 'Someone Like You'? If not, you must! It's so haunting...

  8. Rolling in the Deep is a wonderful song!! LOVE Adele. :) Haven't read SKINNED, but sounds like a book I need to pick up.

    NOT a rutabaga...and I'll go with your answer on the muffin top, lol.

    It sounds cliche...but, Harry Potter reignited my love of YA fantasy and spurred me to get more serious about my writing. Fun answers, Carol. Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOL, you got tagged again :P
    Cute questions, though hehehe

    Tolkien is my biggest influence!

  10. Haha. Rutabaga. When I was in college, the annual jazz festival was called rutabaga. Can't tell you why since I wasn't in the band, but it made me think of that.

    I'm not sure I can narrow down who introduced me to the genre. I'll have to think about that one.

    I still need to get on the Adele bandwagon. Haven't heard hardly anything of hers, actually. An error which needs to be remedied.

  11. fun stuff!!! You? R2D2? Hilarious.

    I'm trying to think which author caused me to delve into my current MS... I'm thinking it was more of a movie. Does that count? ;p

  12. This cracked me up, as I started many of these awful questions!
    And now they have morphed like a wonderful game of telephone. How pleasing the universe is!

  13. very entertaining. my personal fav: erupting into r2d2-like noises when the mood strikes.

  14. oh my goodness! That picture is SO adorable!! ^_^
    Oh, and I LOVE scifi! Among my literary influences are Dune, The Handmaid's Tale, The Little Prince...all ranging the sci fi spectrum ^_^

  15. That monkey almost as cute as startle kitty. Is it real? Look at the look on its face! I want one almost as much as I want one of the mini giraffes in the commercials. Can't remember what the commercials are FOR, mind you, but I love the mini animals :D.

    Also, I loved SKINNED and your novel sounds awesome. Go you! How did I not know this?



  16. That little monkey is SO cute! I want one!! And I've never read Skinned. I may have to check it out... Your book sounds awesome as well! ;)

  17. You had me at Adel. She is my ultimate favorite of all time! :)

  18. Carol, Its great to know you better! ANd I like to make weird noises too. It can really make people angry LOL!

  19. My son wants you to know that that is a pygmy marmoset. In case you were dying to know. :)

  20. LOVE "Rolling in the Deep." It's one of those sing out loud songs that my sons and I love singing together. Cool video too.

  21. I love the picture too, its so cute. Looks like some smart child has identified what it is. :)

  22. Haha, great answers! I love that song! As for rutabagas and muffin tops, umm... leaving those alone :)

  23. Awwwww! Such an adorable picture!

    PS. What on earth is a rutabaga?

  24. Hey, Carol! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and for becoming a Follower! I really appreciate it!

  25. I learned so much about you. That sink of dishes turned my stomach. But you made up for that with the cute picture. :)


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