Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Word Play!

I was cyberstrolling around Facebook last week and saw that my buddy from Oz, Lynda Young, had posted a word she'd run across--spaghettify (supposedly a real word). She said:

"Spaghettify: such a cool word, but try and put it in a sentence."

And so people did try.

Dan Henby: If you interrupt my cooking ONE MORE TIME I WILL SPAGHETTIFY YOU!

Becky Levine: Some days, it looks like I spaghettified my hair.

Me: Mother placed the heaping bowl on Junior's highchair tray, leaving him to spaghettify himself with blissful abandon.

(Photo courtesy of SuperStock royalty-free images.)

Yes, my example was longwinded. What can I say? But the point is--it was fun. So let's have some similar fun.

1. In the comments, feel free to use one or more of the words below in a sentence(s).
2. These are actual words from a compiled list courtesy of THIS SITE.
3. It doesn't matter what the REAL meaning of the words are. What do they sound like, seem like? Be imaginative and Lewis Carroll/Jabberwocky-like if you wish.

Choosing Writerly Words
Sometimes in your writing you are faced with a word choice in a sentence. Don't forget to factor in the sound of the word when you're deciding which one to use. Match it to the tone and flow of your passage--its rhythm, mood, connotations, number of syllables, and consonant sounds (hard, soft, etc.)

(Insert "Mission Impossible" music here.) Your words, should you decide to accept them:


Extra cyberpats on the back for anyone who can use all three in ONE sentence.

ALSO! Yesterday I found a great article about being creative with words HERE--like making your nouns into verbs, etc. Check out the neat imaginative comments after the article, too. Try your hand at the word challenge if you'd like.


  1. Ooh, fun!

    "Did you see Megan today? She looked totally bletcherous. Hello, it's called a hairbrush."

    Bletcherous, adj.
    A lovely combination of blech and retch, a synonym for disgusting or nauseating.

  2. My broadband link has been bletcherous the last three days! I'm thinking about putting my whole laptop in a pot, pouring sauce on it and spaghettifying it!

    Fun, Carol!! :)

  3. Just love the photo of that kiddy! He really does look blissfully spaghettified!!

  4. What a fun post. Only one of those words screamed out at me.

    I woke up this morning feeling so jentacular with my mind in a world-wind of thoughts racing each other in some kind of insane relay.

    One of my favorite bloggers and a good friend, Jen Daiker, is a very positive, bubbly, energetic person with a zillion interests. This word just exudes her personality.

  5. My stomach is feeling bletcherous today. I think I need some Tums.

  6. He gazes at me with bletcherous eyes, taking in my algerining pose and the jentacular way my hand rests upon the remote control. He wants me to turn off Gilmore Girls so he can watch football.


  7. John, a short bletcherous sort of man, walked out of the diner, burping all the way.

  8. What fun! Okay, here goes:

    After an hour of algerining at the gym, I'm feeling sort of bletcherous and I am pretty sure that I pulled a muscle in my jentacular.

  9. Oh my gosh everyone has come up with jentacular sentences! Brilliant!

    I had to look up the meaning of jentacular and doesn't recognise it and the site you got the word from says it pertains to breakfast... hahahaha. I had a jentacular breakfast? LOL.

  10. Love those sentences.

    Your words, Carol, look like my son's Spanish spelling list. Wow, life would be so much easier if he copied them down correctly to begin with. :P

  11. I love verbifying words! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Jennifer's party was so spectacular, she called it tentacular.

  13. Her new dyed hair was someething worse than vomit-colored; it was bletcherous.

  14. Those are great words... but since it's 5am while I write this, I can't quite come up with anything... need more coffee..... lol
    Loved your sentence for spaghettify tho, Carol!

  15. Did you see Jen's new dress? It's jentacular!

  16. With her nose running and her eyes itching, Betty spent the day algerining.

    algerining - verb. to whine about allergies.

  17. argh, no fair b/c I have to scroll... I will say, though. I had too many beans at dinner last night, and it left me feeling somewhat blecherous... :D LOL! <3

  18. I felt blecherous after watching Dr. E do stomach sugery on the spaghettified colon.

    What? heheheh

  19. She had the jentacular sensation her bacon was fried.

    Hee hee hee. I've been blog hopping today, and I just want to say how awesome you are Carol. Everywhere I stop, there you are, filling the blog-o-sphere with love and support. Cheese to you. =)

  20. Too fun, Carol!!

    Sarah knew that the first day back to school would be blecherous.

  21. LOL! I've never heard that word before, but I can think of many times when my sons had been spaghettified :D

  22. Okay lady, I can't figure out what the heck jentangular means and google is not helping. I didn't think blecherous had anything to do with belching. Isn't something gross that normally refers to an object and not a person? Where did you get these words? Cute spaghettified baby. :)

  23. It's funny, I use made-up words in my writing all the time, and my critiquers always want to change them.

  24. Ooh, I like bletcherous, cool word.

  25. Fun post.

    The girl's face turned bletcherous as she bit into the boiled cabbage.

  26. What a jentacular throw!

    John bent low over his desk and continued algerining the equation.

    PS. Still have no clue what these words mean!

  27. Shelia stiffened at the boys' rude laughter; she didn't need to know their particular jentaculaur to understand their words.

  28. Oooh, what fun!! Here goes:

    Franklin looked at the bletcherous contraption in his hands, reflecting that his jentacular cravings were seriously intruding on his algerining.



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