Friday, September 9, 2011

YA Book & Critique Giveaway

I feel like celebrating and giving away stuff--and I'm posting earlier than Wednesday to give you more time to win! What am I celebrating? Well, I'm sure I can think of something. How about:

1. I passed my 100th blog post. This is the 103rd post.
2. I have 350 blog followers. Okay, 349, but that's close enough, right? I didn't celebrate 300, so consider this part of that.
3. I'm making good progress on more revisions for my agented novel, SHAPERS. And I never properly celebrated with you all when Kelly Sonnack became my agent in April.
4. I have 1000 followers on Twitter. Woo!

What am I giving away? How about:
1. TWO thorough but kind chapter critiques from me. 20-page limit.
2. TWO YA books. Hardcopy editions of ENTWINED and DIVERGENT.

HOW TO ENTER: Easy to do
1. Be a follower of this blog.
2. Leave a comment below or email me at artzicarol [at] gmail [dot] com. If you just want to comment and NOT enter, please say so.
3. Enter by next Tuesday, September 13, at midnight PST.
4. FOUR random winners will be chosen and announced Wednesday, September 14.
5. Extra entries (leave links) for spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, etc.

[Sorry, the winning/shipping of the books are only offered to US and Canadian blogger buddies, BUT the critiques are open internationally.]

Have you read DIVERGENT yet? How about ENTWINED?
Do you have a chapter of a manuscript ready to be critiqued, to enter for this?
(No worries if not--if you win, I'll take a rain check for whenever you DO finish.)


  1. I haven't read either of the books, Carol! Wow, you're really connecting with others! Great job. I love making new friends, too.

    Congrats on your agent. Fab news! Have a great weekend!

  2. I have read and LOVED both books. But I have the ebook versions b/c I pretty much only read for fun on my reader now. However, I was planning to buy them both b/c I buy the physical copy of any book I LOOOOVE :D

    Congrats on all the milestones, and here's to hoping we see your book in print someday soon!

    I tweeted here:!/LoriMLee/status/112185798488625154

  3. Congratulations, Carol, on all your wonderful milestones. Anyone of them would be reason to celebrate. I am already a follower, and I'm commenting here. I'm also tweeting this post on twitter and mentioning it on FB. Good luck with your revisions!

  4. Wait! How did I miss that you are now AGENTED?!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! WooHoo, Carol!! (though I'm not surprised an agent snapped you up...nor that I missed such happy news)
    I've been pitifully lacking in the bloggy world all summer and a very lousy bloggy friend for months. I'm so sorry. But, you know I'm SUPER happy for you! And, I've missed everyone. Now my kid is back in school and vacations are over and my asthma seems to be under control, thus, I'm *trying* to get back into a regular blog visiting routine.

    I own and have read Divergent, but not Entwined. So count me in! (love that cover)

    Have a lovely weekend, Carol.

  5. Hey, I'm the 350th follower. Now you can truly celebrate :)

    I loved Divergent but haven't read Entwined yet, so I'll have to check that one out as well.

    I retweeted it as well under Wishwryter--sorry not adept enough to figure out the link :(

  6. Yay, Carol! I'm glad to hear revisions are going well and I'm so happy for your success. :)

    I'd love to be entered. I've already got Divergent (great read!), but haven't read Entwined yet. Plus, I've got millions of uncritiqued chapters. ;) I tweeted the giveaway (and @ed you) under ScatteredDancer.

  7. Oh wow, what a great giveaway! Congratulations Carol!

  8. Congratulations, Carol. Sign me up! I haven't read either book yet, although I have Divergent checked out from the library. No problem finding a chapter to critique and I tweeted the giveaway @JenGroepl.

  9. I haven't read either book and I've always got chapters ready. :) Congrats on all your connections!

  10. AWESOME giveaway! Divergent was great - I still make everyone take the sorting test to this day ;)

    Here's my tweet:!/sophthewriter/status/112368135285374977

  11. I won't enter because we are already crit partners and I'd love to give someone else the opportunity for your critting brilliance. However, I will celebrate with you. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Congratulations on exceeding 100 posts, Carol! Good job! I wish I had something ready to critique, but at last, I'm in waiting mold until I hear back from my editor. Great give-a-way though. I've always found your comments to be sooooooo helpful.

  13. Now that is all excellent reason to celebrate, Carol!! And what awesome books to giveaway too! I shall tweet about this at once! ;)
    Congrats on all your accomplishments! SO very well deserved.

  14. Yay! Hooray for you, Carol! I've never read Entwined, but it's very pretty~ :D <3

  15. Woo! Celebrate! You definitely deserve it. I will enter! I'll pop back later with links to my tweets about the contest!

  16. I would love Entwined! Going to tweet now. Congrats on your followers! Hope the revising is still going well.

  17. Awesome!!! I would love to win, thanks so much for the giveaway, and congrats on the 350!

  18. Awesome!

    I have read divergent but not entwined! I really want to read that one!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  19. I have both on my TBR pile! I can't wait - DIVERGENT is next up! I'm always up for a critique, though. :-)

  20. Thank you so much for being so generous! Both books are in my huge TBR pile!

    I spread the word on twitter : @stephaniesauvin

  21. Congrats! And it looks like you surpassed 350 now. Woohoo! I can see why you keep this to one day a week. I was surprised to see you posted early. I'm up for a critique if you're every willing...just not on the screen for everyone to see. I'm bashful. :)

  22. Congrats on getting past 250! Thanks for such a great contest. I haven't read either book, and I'd love a critique, so I could win anything and it'd be a great day. :)

  23. Congratulations on your post and follower count. I'll share this on Facebook.

    I've read Divergent, but not Entwined. Entwined has a gorgeous cover.

    I have a chapter.

    tmilstein at gmail dot com

  24. Congratulations on all counts! I'm here today because Theresa sent me, but I've been here before.

    Loved Divergent, haven't read Entwined, so count me in. :)

  25. Hey, well done, Carol! You'll have to give me some Twitter tips since I've been on there longer and you've WAY exceeded me on followers :) And congrats on the number of posts and followers. And Shapers, of course, but you already know how excited I am about that :)

    I've read Entwined (as you know) but not Divergent, and I would LOVE to read Divergent! I will, though, pass on chapter critiques (that would hardly be fair, huh?) or the copy of Entwined.!/permalink.php?story_fbid=219308451455709&id=6844802!/rosieanabelle/status/113415081542426624

  26. Carol, did you know there are buttons that you can add to your post that allows people to repost your posts easily on twitter and facebook? I think if you go into design and post setting you can find it.

    I've picked up Divergent the last four times I've been to the book store...It sounds awesome! The cover for Entwined is beautiful!

    (I just realized, I queried your agent last week. She sounds wonderful based on the Writeoncon live chats.)

  27. I would love to have either of those books!

    Sounds like you have a lot to celebrate! YAY! :)

  28. Yay Carol! Congrats. So much to celebrate. I am in awe of your awesome following #'s, but not surprised. You deserve it. =) I'm super excited for your book. Tell your agent she has to sell it fast eh? I want to buy it.

    I would love either or both the books. =)

  29. Awesome contest and congrats! I've read Divergent and LOVEd it. Would love my own copy, plus the chance to read Entwined. And I have a chapter, too!

    I'm a follower.
    jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  30. After reading my comment, I'd like to clarify by saying I bought the ebook versions, and plan to ALSO buy the physical copies.

  31. Carol! I'm so sad I missed this. Man, I've been such a slacker. And those are such great books. I absolutely loved Divergent and I remember when you bought Entwined. It was the day we met. Remember? So awesome! And who wouldn't want a first chapter critique from you? I totally do! Shoot. *knocks head on desk* I'll try to be better!


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