Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tag--I'm It, from Dawn Allen

Dawn Allen has tagged me in the Platform Building Campaign question tag game. Thanks, Dawn! Go forth and visit her blog HERE.

Here are my answers to her questions.

1. Wine or beer?
Beer is just plain blerghy. Yuck. Some wine is okay, sweeter ones. Usually I don't drink alcohol, period, but I do like the taste of Kahlua as well as rum with orange juice.

2. Mountains or the beach?
Tough choice, but I think I love the beach better. The crashing waves, the splashing froth, the shifting sand between the toes. I live 1.5 hours from the beach--but it's an Oregon beach, which means it's rarely warm, usually windy, and the water is always FREEZING! Even in the summer. Someday I'll visit a warm beach…

3. What is your ideal writing spot?
At my computer desk; I compose at the keyboard. I have an "office" of sorts. I share a room with a guest bed, my art supplies, and a bunch of furniture and boxes that my older daughter (25) left behind after she lived here for a few months.

4. What intrigues you more, developing character or developing plot?
Character. I love figuring out names, siblings, parental relationships, friends, fears, goals, etc. I like plot, but the character drives the story--IS the story, basically--so I focus there.

5. Who is your favorite “beach read” author?
I had to double-check what that meant. DEFINITION: "A good beach book is engaging and a quick enough read that you can finish most of it on the beach before your sunscreen wears off. A beach book isn't necessarily literature, but a beach book will entertain."

Click HERE to read the young adult beach read list on Bestsellers.

My answers: THE GHOST AND THE GOTH by Stacey Kade is a good beach read. Also GIMME A CALL by Sarah Mlynowski. Both are lighthearted with a "magical realism" twist.

6. What is your favorite animal?
Fave real animal? Cat. The photo below is of Cookie, the lovely cat I used to have, may she RIP. Fave imaginary animal? Dragon. Hence, my dragon collection (photo of one of my faves at the top of this post).

7. Do you like music when you write or silence or something else?
SILENCE. I have my own rhythm with my words, and I'm admittedly single-minded.

8. What genres do you write?
Light sci-fi (agented novel), magical realism, light fantasy, contemporary…my WIP is my first post-apocalyptic/dystopian, and I'm really enjoying it. Doing revisions now.

9. Do you cross genres in your writing?
I write in a lot of different genres, and I wrote a "magical realism" novel before that genre got a label.

10. If the dream agent walked in one day with the dream deal on your latest novel, how would you react?
Initial shock and numbness, then wild glee! I already have Kelly Sonnack as my dream agent. I'm just waiting for that dream deal (or any decent deal, haha).

11. When you get your book deal, what’s your personal marketing plan?
ARC giveaways, blog tours, local signings, contests, book launch party, etc.

Did you know what a "beach read" was? What's YOUR favorite beach read?
Do you write in silence or do you get inspired by music while you write?
What's YOUR favorite animal? How would you answer the other questions?


  1. Great answers, Carol. How fabulous that you already have your dream agent.

    Any novel that I'm completely involved in qualifies as a beach read for me. I sometimes write with music, depending on my mood. My favorite animal is probably the horse, although dogs, cats, and rabbits rate high, too.

  2. This was super fun! I didn't know the exact definition, but I figured it was an easy and enjoyable read. I have so many enjoyable authors, I'm not sure I could pick just one--that's why I like my kindle. All the choices at my fingertips on the beach!

    I write to music and it always inspires me! Lots of fun today, Carol!

  3. Nice to get to know you Carol. I love a good beach read!

  4. Great to get to know more about you, Carol. I also have to have silence when I write. I feel it makes me so uncool, what with all the playlists people have of their WIPs. Glad I'm not alone!

  5. Carol - It is wonderful to learn more about you. I enjoy writing to classical music; the local station is usually always playing in our house. It makes for a peaceful and creative environment. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I can't remember the last time I sat on a sunny beach and read!

  6. I can't write with music at all! I know, weird eh?
    I love to read anything at the beach. Especially with sunshine :)

  7. I like 1, 10, and 11 answers, though I enjoyed learning more about you.

  8. Ha! Cats and dragons. Fabulous mix! I have a dragon collection too.

  9. I can't write with music either. I need silence for the same reason you mentioned. Plus I'm easily distracted.

    I only like sweeter wines too. I don't drink much (unlike when I was in university). Last night I had a glass of wine and felt quite the buzz afterwards. lol

  10. I have to have silence to write. I usually write when I am alone. I can write when my daughter is home, because she gets that I need to be left alone. I can't write if my husband is home...he needs me too much. LOL

    Sorry about Cookie. Losing a pet is so hard. It took me over a year to get a new kitten after Stripes died.

  11. I write with music when creating, but when editing or revising, I must have quiet.

    I like a glass of dry, red wine with pasta or steak.

    Sorry about kitty :(

  12. Hmm, any new YA book would be a great beach read for me!

  13. I'm with you on the kahlua and your sweet kitty looks a lot like my Evie who is, thankfully, still with me :)

  14. i'm a beach person too. i have gone down to the beach here in so-cal the last three days on scavenger hunts. i have found one piece of beach glass or a stone for each of the three days. however, i am craving the mountains lately. been dreaming of a mountain retreat:)

  15. I did not know what a beach read was, but I had an idea it would be short and chick lit-ish. I prefer short stories on the beach.

    I have to have background noise when I write. I hear every little nosie and it distracts me in the quiet.


  16. Beer is blergh!

    Your cat looks just like mine!

    The cover of The Ghost and the Goth really stands out.

  17. Aw, Cookie is adorable! I love cats, too. And I'm with you on beer! Yuck!

  18. Loved all your answers! I prefer the beach too, but I don't know what my favorite "beach" read would be! I'd have to check that out! I'm sure that deal won't be long. :D

  19. Great answers! I haven't been on a beach for what seems like an eternity. Not sure what beach read I'd go for. But I'm with on beer - biergh!

  20. I've come across the phrase "beach read" on book blogs before; when I first came across it I wasn't sure what it meant, either. My favorite beach read is Devilish by Maureen Johnson. :)

  21. I had a cat just like yours:(( Miss her still. I prefer to write in silence though when I did the romance book, I play some romantic music to get me in the mood. I really enjoyed reading your answers.

  22. That book looks too cute. Ghost and the Goth. I love it!

    And I'm with you, I prefer total silence for optimum writing performances. ;)

  23. Cute kitty!

    I like mountains better... ;)

    Ghost and the Goth looks so cute!

  24. I love beaches better, but one day I'd like to live by both.

    I love those fun, quick beach reads.

    I need silence when I edit, but I like music for drafting and revising.

  25. I'd heard of a beach read but didn't know what it really was either, thanks for sharing!! I love the cover for the Ghost and the Goth, may have to check that one out. And hey, I just posted on dragons last week, I can't resist them.

    Hey, can you recommend somme YA magic realism for me to figure out what this genre is???

  26. Yes, I have a tuxedo cat. Nutschell is going to post a picture of my writing space next week and you'll be able to see her. I'm sorry your kitty is no longer with you.

  27. I need silence to write. People always talk about what music they like to listen to while they write, but my poor brain can only have one thing going on at a time! :)

  28. Great answers. I also need silence to write, or at least the soothing sounds of the dishwasher, and my kids doing something fun. Music just distracts me, especially when I start. Fave animal? That's tough. I like cats and dogs both. I think I'm better with dogs, but my cat puts up with me. Favorite beach read ... none, I'm usually too busy getting wet, even on the cold Washington beaches. It has to be midwinter for me not to go into the water.

  29. Fav beach read... Arousing Love, by M H Strom
    And I love music to play while I write and revise, but need silence while I proof read

  30. I loved The Ghost and the Goth.I picked up the sequel but haven't had time to read it.

  31. Cat, of course :-)
    My favourite recent beach read was the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I still haven't read the last two!


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