Wednesday, November 21, 2012

7 Words About You

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! 
I hope you enjoy family and food and/or whatever else you've planned for tomorrow.

Proud mommy moment--my daughter Janelle Henderson's CD is out on Amazon! She did background vocals, but is featured more prominently in song #13. I also like her background vocals in #7.

The music is described as "moody indie-pop" and "alternative dream pop with synthy elements and gothic undertones, and emotive lyricism." Click on the arrows to the left of the song titles to hear sound snippets:  HERE.

What's your life like right now, in 7 words?
Describe your mood, your thoughts about the holiday, your view of life right now, your feelings about your manuscript, etc.--limited to 7 words. It can be a sentence, a series of single words or adjectives, a list, or a phrase or two. You can count a contraction as one word, like I'm or can't. But limit it all to SEVEN.

My 7 words: Writing is stalled. Ear infection almost gone!


  1. Hopefully once the holiday fun is over you'll be able to unstall your writing.

  2. Yay for your daughter! That is so exciting. I'll have to take a listen.

    7 words... Super grateful for life, family, creativity, health.

    Happy TG!

  3. Cool beaners for your daughter. Hope the ear infection is by time you wake. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  4. Congrats on daughter's CD! *shower of confetti*

    Seven Mood Words
    Overwhelmed but happy. Thankful for God's Grace.

  5. Holiday eve, packing and excited. Catchya later.

  6. 7 words: Anxious to finish my middle grade novel.

    Congratulations to your daughter!

    I hope you are having a wonderful holiday.

  7. Congrats to your daughter. Have a good holiday!
    7 words (I wish they were in a slightly different order:-))

    Wishing, waiting, thinking, but not writing enough.

  8. Congrats to your daughter - that's awesome news! And I'm glad to hear your ear infection is almost gone. Good luck getting the writing flowing again!

  9. Congratulations to your daughter!! Artzi must be in the genes!

  10. Congratulations to your daughter!

    In a word, happy!


  11. Hi Carol! Not sure why I hadn't been following you yet, but I just corrected that. Glad to be in touch.

    A 7-word description of me at this moment: Proud, hopeful, yet tired wife and mother!

  12. Congrats to your daughter!!

    I sure hope your ear infection clears up soon. You pretty much cant do anything with a lack of balance.

    My 7 words: Waiting to release some really big news. :)

  13. How spectacular that your daughter has had such success!
    And ear infections are awful. I hope you feel better soon!

    Okay, here are my 7 words: hope, struggle, kindness, never enough writing time

  14. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I'm glad the infection is disappearing.

  15. Congratulations on your daughter's CD release. Great idea, the 7 word sentence. Like a status update for life :)


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