Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I hope everyone had great holidays!! We had delays in our moving plans…but now everything's finalized, and Saturday we will be moving into our new house, woot-ditty-WOOT! Here's a photo of it. The window to my new writing office is above the house numbers. Yaaay!

And now (drumroll please) it's time to announce the YA Book Giveaway Winners!'s lucky recipient choices:
(i.e. chose these people, and I awarded the books based on their preferences listed in the comments)

1. THRONE OF GLASS--Emily R. King!
2. THE GAME--Rachel R!
3. THE NEAR WITCH--Marcy/mshatch!
4. BETA--Medeia Sharif!
5. AURELIA--Emmy!
6. YOU WISH--Theresa Milstein!
7. CINDER--Cynthia Chapman Willis!

Winners, please email me at artzicarol[at]gmail[dot]com and send your mailing address if I haven't already gotten it from you! They're all excellent books, and I hope you enjoy them.

What do YOU do with books after you've read them--do you keep them or pass them on?
Do you read more ebooks these days instead of hardcopy books?
What book are you reading right NOW?


  1. I'm so excited! I got my wish for The Wish! Thank you so much!

    Good luck in your lovely-looking new home.

  2. I love your house and a personal room just for writing sounds fabulous!

    I use my eReader much more these days. Some books I keep and some I recycle to Goodwill or our book club collects them and takes them to hospital libraries so those in the waiting room have something to read while they...wait. :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. I am so so so so happy for you. You got a house. Hot dog. And your own office to write in. Now this is going to be a kick-butt year for you and yours.

  4. I'm reading Maggie's Child by Glynis Smy. I just started yesterday, though, so I'm not very far into it. Congrats to the winners! And I'm loving your beautiful new house. :-)

  5. woo hoo! I get a new book! You get your own writing space! How cool is that?

    I'm currently reading The Magician King by Lev Grossman. As for what I do with books after, depends. If I think I'm going to read them again I keep them. Otherwise I either give them away on my blog or to my sister in CA or my mom in FL or to my local library's used book shop.

  6. Thank you so much, Carol! I really hope your move goes well. Congrats on your new house!

  7. Oehhh Nice house! Good luck moving there.. Congrats winners!

  8. What's the view like from your writing room?

    I pass most of my books on to my Grandma who is an avid reader. I buy some on Kindle, and all the YA books are on there too. Love them both.

  9. Happy new year Carol. Hope your move isn't too tiresome. Do we get a photo looking out the window next week?
    I'm reading 3 ebooks and 1 hard copy at the moment. I tend to lend my friends the hard copies, some return and some don't

  10. See, that's why I use my kindle: I ran out of bookshelf space ;)

    YAY for your new house. It's great to see it. May your move go smoothly. And may this year be an awesome one.

  11. Hi, Carol,

    CONGRATS on you fabulous new home ...


    CONGRATS to the winners.

    ALL THE BEST FOR 2013!

  12. I keep my books.

    Now I'm reading more ebooks.

  13. Congratulations on your new home, Carol...and to the winners of your giveaway. Happy New Year!

  14. Congrats on the house Carol. It looks great. We should still get together, even though I didn't win a book :)

    I keep my books. I've given up some, but basically I'm a book hoarder. I've been reading more ebooks lately, but I still prefer paper books. E-books are so much easier to store though.


  15. Congrats to the winners! Your new house is beautiful!

    I'm such a book hoarder, and it's hard for me to even giveaway duplicate copies of books I have. LOL! I prefer reading ebooks. They're so much more convenient, but I did enjoy reading some hardback/paperback books over vacation, even though they hurt my wrist (much heavier than my ereader too).

  16. Congrats to the winners, and to you on your new home!

  17. Happy New Year, Carol, and congratulations to the winners.
    As for what I do with books after I've read them, if I'm crazy about them, I keep them; if not, I donate them to a thrift shop. But I also write children's books (for readers 8-12) and I am in a lucky position of reviewing children's books for Sacramento Book Review (readers 8-12) and teaching an art class for children of the same ages. I get free books to review, and only keep a couple. The others I give to the art kids during our last class of the year. It works well on every level. I get to talk to them about books they like and why during art lessons, and then they get the books they like later.

  18. Congrats to the winners and your new house!

    I like to hold onto my books, LOL!

  19. Congrats on the beautiful house! And your own writing office - how awesome! I like to keep my books. I like to see them everywhere, looking pretty and stuff :)

  20. I confess, I am addicted to my ebooks. We get so many hardcovers and ARCs from authors and publishers for the Friday New Releases post that I make it a policy to buy a copy of the book in eformat to read myself wherever possible. I wish that I could give those away, too, afterwards. I'm hoping that the LULU announcement today will change things. I'm going to go check that out and see if I can't figure out how to incorporate that into our Friday New Releases post. I sure would love to be able to give away my ebooks after I read them. But the difference there is that I could still have them at the same time. I still think that the smart thing with DRM would be to create a registry where we could add up to ten users or something per book so that we could "loan" our ebooks out. Oh, well. My own bugaboo.

  21. Congratulations to the winners and to you for moving into your new house. I hope 2013 brings you much success and happiness. :)

  22. Congratulations to the winners! And congrats on your new home. Usually I only buy hard copies of books if I know the author or if I've read them and really love them. Otherwise, I borrow from the library.

  23. Congratulations and best of luck with your beautiful new home! So exciting!

    And thank you, thank you for Cinder!!! I can hardly wait to read it!


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