Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It's time to announce the winners of the YA book giveaway! (drumroll please)

WINNERS as chosen by
1. TOUCH by Jus Accardo: Crystal Collier!
2. UNDER THE NEVER SKY by Veronica Rossi: Emily R. King!
3. SHIFTER by Janice Hardy: Marcy Hatch! (mshatch)
4. ORIGIN by Jessica Khoury: Tammy216!

Congratulations! Please email me at artzicarol [at] gmail [dot] com if I haven't already contacted you, so I can get your address and send your prize!! (Especially Tammy, since there's no email address attached to her profile.) Happy reading, everyone.

Personal Update
I just finished an 11-week (yep, serious stuff!) revision on my agented YA novel, SHAPERS. This revision involved fleshing out the main character's best friends, boosting the worldbuilding, giving the MC an attitude overhaul to make her more sympathetic and less snarky, toning down one conflict and amping up another one, sharpening the theme, etc. I also decided to rewrite part of the ending. Now that I've taken a few days' break, I'm ready to jump back into my new "magical realism" WIP, which is 2/3 done. Time to change gears!

Writing Tidbit for the Day
Something my agent nabs me on is what she calls "renegade body parts." This is where things like eyeballs do crazy and improbable things, or body parts sound detached from the characters. Such as:

1. Her eyes bounced around the room, trying to find her brother. Should be her GAZE.
2. His eyes slid away from her. Ditto--more accurate would be his GAZE.
3. My hand closed around the doorknob. As opposed to something better: I closed my hand around the doorknob. Or more simply: I grabbed the doorknob.
4. Her legs ran, trembling with fatigue. Sounds like her legs are running off by themselves. Better: She ran, her legs trembling with fatigue.

What have YOU been doing lately, and what are your writing goals for the summer?
What's your favorite genre to read? What's your favorite genre to write?
Do you have trouble with bouncing, sliding, and skittering eyes in your manuscript?
Do body parts in your writing sound like they're acting on their own?



  1. Yay I won! I'm so excited for a new book :) I'm finishing up the last few chapters of my scifi wip - then I'll let it sit a while before tackling revisions.

  2. Thanks so much, Carol! I love your unruly body parts. I do the whole, "her eyes darted" and you're right, it's more accurate to say, "gaze darted."

  3. Hi, Carol,

    Congrats to the winners!

    LOVE this. I needed a good laugh this morning.

    I have to admit, I've done that too.. I guess I need to check my ms.. for wandering, strange acting, body parts. LOL.

    Congrats on finishing the re-write! YAY, CAROL.... I hope to hear good news soon!

  4. Congratulations to the winners! Your comments about wandering body parts is classic, Carol. I'll have to read over my WIP and check for "renegade body parts," as your agent calls them. Good luck with your writing and have a great summer!

  5. Congratulations on finishing those revisions! Exciting. I look forward to reading your novel.
    I love what you wrote about the renegade body parts. An editor pointed this out to me not too long ago. It really is amazing how line edits can make those body parts a bit less independent.

  6. Congrats to the winners. And awesome you finished your revisions.

  7. #4 is funny.

    Congrats to the winners. Good luck on your projects and have a blast writing.

  8. Congrats to the winners!!!
    And congrats to you for doing the hard slog and finishing that rewrite.

  9. Congrats to the winners, and congrats to you for finishing the rewrite! I adore magical realism, I'm doing a Southern Gothic with elements of magical realism, which is a bit of a juggle. It's fun though.

    I love that writing tip. My early drafts (okay, even my later ones) tend to have a lot of eyes. I'm careful not to make them roll, but they get mentioned WAY too often. I also have people "look" too often, and "turn" too often, or even worse, "turn and look." Ack.

  10. Congrats to the winners! And to you for finishing the rewrite!

  11. Congrats to the winners!

    I've been busy writing my next novel, which features a lot of 'eyes' doing various random things.


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