Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In Between Novels + Award

Yeah...I have it. That restless and slightly grumpy feeling. Because I've finished my WIP and have gone through it once already with a revision. That's cool, but I have to figure out what to do while it's sitting and I spend some much-needed time away from it. I know I could start another book. And I just might. I can only read published books--my "research"--and catch up on normal (boring) everyday stuff for 2 or 3 weeks, and then I go nutso. I have to start writing something.

Thoughts and snippets of new dialogue and plot ARE wisping through my brain, so that's a good sign. I've been writing those thoughts down in a document. When I finish critiquing one more manuscript for someone else this week, I'll probably start developing my Shiny New Idea. Now that will be fun!  

Also…I've been awarded the Super Sweet Blogger Award from Crystal Collier! Thanks very much, Crystal. Visit her fun blog HERE.

I'm supposed to answer some super sweet questions.
1. What is your favorite dessert? I really can't choose between chocolate chip cookies, banana bars with cream cheese frosting, chocolate mousse pie, or chocolate eclairs.
2. When do you like desserts most? I don't eat them that often, due to my egg/gluten/dairy allergies. But I prefer them for lunch so I have time to burn off the calories before bedtime.
3. Do you prefer cookies or cake? Depends on my mood--and the kind of cookies or cake. Some are simply more tempting than others!

Do you get grumpy or restless after you finish a novel or a writing project?
What do you DO during your interims, when you're in between projects?
What is your favorite dessert? How do you exercise to counteract the calories?



  1. Grumpy when not writing? You bet. My poor family. We've remedied that, however, with a daily allotment of writing. They know from 4 to 5:30 is mommy's writing time, and lest they should lose their head, they better not interrupt. ;)

    Your list of deserts is making me hungry. Maybe I should go eat lunch.

  2. Hi, Carol, I think it's great that you have a shiny new idea to lure you on. When I'm not writing, I feel at loose ends. Gardening helps when something new is cooking, because is leaves my mind free while satisfying the "I should be doinsgs an end to those distracting "look at the dust on that window sill" guilties when I'm actually writing again. Like gardening, too, it leaves my mind free to spin out a new idea.

  3. Oops, something got eliminated.
    Meant to say:
    because it leaves my mind free while satisfying the "I should be doing something" feeling. Sometimes I do housework, too, and it puts and ind to those distracting "look at the dust on that window sill" guilties when I'm actually writing again.

  4. I'm also grumpy when I'm not writing.

    And for now, I in the same mood you're in regarding plots and dialogue. I can't keep up with my thoughts.

  5. I don't get grumpy when I don't write because I'm always too busy with the blog and my full time job. I do remember how much I love writing when I can actually get time to do it.

  6. I get restless if I'm not writing. I work on something new between old stuff.

    It's hard picking a favorite dessert.

  7. Yep, I get grumpy when I don't write.

    Love your list of desserts, Carol! My favorite desserts are choco chip cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, and brownies. Do you know desserts spelled backwards is STRESSED?!?!? Coincidence? I think not.

  8. I know that feeling of going nutso all too well!
    Wow, I like your list of favourite desserts. I think I gained some pounds from just reading that!

    HAhahaha! I love Loree's comment.

  9. I have a hard time not writing, too. I find that "sketching" out a new novel, or working on the scaffolding for it, helps. As does lots of reading.

    As for my favorite dessert... This depends upon my mood, which can be dangerous. : )

    Good luck getting through this not-writing phase!

  10. Hi, Carol,
    Congrats on finishing - for a while anyway. Have fun with the next one.

  11. Unless I'm struggling to write for some reason (like right now), I'm always grumpy when I don't write.

    However, the grumpiness is returning, so I guess I'll write again soon. ;-)

  12. When I'm not writing I read, research, or work in the yard. As far as desserts go, I guess I'm an All-American gal since apple pie is my favorite. ^_^ Have a great weekend, Carol!

  13. I usually revise when I'm between projects. I have plenty of that!

  14. I've been very grumpy and restless for weeks now. I can't quite land on what I want to work on - I'll get 99% sure, and then change my mind. It's very frustrating, because I always know what I want to work on next. Gaahhh. I'm just going to keep hopping around until something gets 100% solid I guess. Have you landed yet?


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