Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fresh Goals for 2014

Whether you make specific New Year's resolutions or not, it's good to have goals for life and writing. For one thing, it can make you feel really productive at the end of the year! Reading counts too, because it's important for writers to expose themselves to what's current and what else is out there in Published Land.

My 2013 Re-Cap
1. Substantially re-edited my agented novel SHAPERS. It's growing stronger!
2. Finished a light fantasy novel and got critique partner feedback on it.
3. Critiqued others' manuscripts with detailed feedback.
4. Started a new light fantasy novel, and am 2/3 done with it.
5. Attended the North-California SCBWI holiday event and met new writer friends.
6. Read more YA books than I ever have in years past. Goodreads said I read 20, but those were just the ones I actually remembered to write down.  
7. Actually did some artwork: Etch-a-Sketch drawings, sketches, a painting.

My 2014 Goals
1. To find a publisher home for SHAPERS (somewhat out of my control, but still).
2. Finish the last 100 pages of my WIP, probably before March.
3. Attend the Big Sur Writing Workshop March 7-9: intensive event with critique groups led by editors and agents! Spendy, but may take my writing to the next level. Link: HERE.
4. Attend the April North-California SCBWI conference in Sacramento.
5. Exercise, stretch, and move around in between writing sessions!
6. Don't neglect relationships in my life because I'm writing.
7. Keep reading YA books, especially in my genres (fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian).

What are your writing or life goals for 2014?
Have you heard of the Big Sur Writing Workshop before?
If you're a picture book to young adult writer, are you a member of SCBWI?

Happy New Year 2014!
I value your friendship, and wish great things for you and your writing this coming year.


  1. Happy New Year, Carol. Yes to all of your last three questions - although I've not been to the Big Sur Writing Workshop before. As far as a writing goal, I'm hoping to write a short story each month in addition to working on my W.I.P. It seems that the completion of a shorter project might lend some satisfaction while working on my novel.

    Here's to your happy and productive writing in 2014!

  2. All excellent goals--and way to accomplish so much! My goals include doing my first ever book signing (eek!), making my publishers deadline for Soulless, publishing the first installment of a serial story, reading 100+ books, critiquing 5 other people's manuscripts, home schooling the kids, staying ahead of the laundry, establishing a FIRM exercise routine, and preparing healthier meals. (But only if they involve cheese.)

    Here's to 2014!

  3. Great goals! I have so many . . . but I'm trying to put them into small increments so they work. I plan to finish Champion in Flight, the 3rd draft, this month, write the third Champion book, write a book on writing for homeschool students, take more time for my family, jump in some puddles, exercise, hug more, smile more, and pray more. (I tried to include some fun resolutions this year!)

  4. Wow! You've accomplished so much last year. And sounds like you have great goals this year. My goals are to keep writing while I take classes for a career change, job search when I get laid off and hopefully get a new job, help my daughter with her college and scholarship search, and be swim mom for the high school girls team. I'll be cutting down blogging some so I can get some writing in.

  5. Oooo, that Big Sur workshop is supposed to be fabulous~ I'm jealous! My goals include going to a writing conference and starting/finishing a new middle grade project.

  6. These are great goals indeed. My major goal is to finish the first draft of the cosy mystery I'm writing by May. The other major one is to learn a heck of a lot more Spanish. My Spanish lessons took a nose dive during November and December.

  7. Good luck on your goals. You can do it. I'd like to finish two drafts and, crossing fingers, get another book contract.

  8. Congrats on all you've accomplished! And best of luck on a great list of goals. I hope you get them all accomplished! I just want to not fail spectacularly. :d That's my goal for 2014. not fail at meeting deadlines, not fail at getting my book out, not fail at being siuppostive of other writers, not fail at juggling work and family and friendships. I figure everything else is gravy! Have a great yr, Carol!

  9. Happy NEW YEAR, CAROL!!!!

    Sounds like a very good plan. All the best with your goals. I know you'll make them.

    How exciting to attend so many conferences. I wish I could go to a few. I am DYING to go to the winter conference for the SBCWI in NYC in February, but I can't swing it. Unless I win the illustration contest for an all expense paid trip... OOOooo that would be a great way to start the new year! The winner is announced on the 10th of this month,

    Busy, baking an editing this week. The rewrite of BG is going to KILL ME... LOL.

    I hope to read more this year. I fell way short last year. As soon as my eyes adjust from the lasik, I will delve into a few good books.

    Wishing you all the best this year!!!!!

  10. Awesome goals! I hope to gain further exposure for my latest collaborative work New Life Within and hopefully FINALLY find a way to get my children's books further than the hands of my two year old daughter printed on homemade flash cards lol.

  11. Look at you go, Carol! The Big Sur Writing Workshop sounds like fun.

    I'm wishing you a fruitful and fun 2014!

  12. You must be proud of your accomplishments, Carol, and I hope you will accomplish your new goals. I have 5 major goals and some minor ones. Two of my major goals include finishing my degree and spending more time developing my business.
    Happy New Year!

  13. You did a lot last year! Congrats! And I love your list for this year. I made a lot of resolutions and goals but most are for personal growth. I do want to finish and submit my stalker book this year.

  14. You got tons done last year!

    Good luck with 2014's goals. :-)

  15. Good luck to you and your lofty goals! Me, I want to finish two novellas that are outlined and just waiting to be completed.

  16. Great goals achieved and set. Best wishes for the new year. 2014 is going to be mega busy for me. I've even taken on a non-writing project with a steep learning curve. Eeek!!

  17. YES! Totally keep reading YA books, including mine. =)

    I think that's a great list to go for. Awesome goals, and all quite attainable. My list looks like a mutant time-infraction is going to have to interfere with the natural flow of things in order for the world to keep from blowing up. That's okay. Busy is good. Like cheese. No, not like cheese. Would you call cheese busy? (I may have gotten up too early today...)

  18. looks like you kicked butt on your 2013 goals - you'll do the same for 2014, I'm sure. My goals are pretty simple: 1) Write the two MG's I'm starting to plot out 2)Get BETTER at plotting and renounce my pantsing ways 3) Find a publisher for my YA urban fantasy (like you, out of my control, but what the heck!) 4) never give up.
    happy new year!

  19. Happy 2014! Best of luck with your goals--you have some awesome ones. I've always wanted to do the Big Sur Writing Workshop--you'll have to let me know how it goes!

  20. Happy new year! I'm late to the party here :) I did a similar recap over on my blog... I always like to look back and look ahead. I hope 2014 will be awesome for us both!

  21. Much luck and fun in hitting your goals.


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