Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MILESTONE: Author R. Mac Wheeler

I'd like to acknowledge a fellow writer and blogger-friend for reaching a monumental milestone: publishing his 24th novel! I hope you'll visit his blog where he posts his photography, and give him a congratulations…or visit his home page and peruse his titles…read an excerpt...and help him celebrate.

Mac has written novels across several genres, including 2 contemporary, 6 speculative, 5 paranormal, 4 science fiction, and 7 fantasy.

About Book #24
This volume of the NEW ORDER APOCALYPSE series continues thirty-three years after an engineered plague shredded Earth's population.

Chloe and Ginna Lee must decide whether to continue Jason's dream to unite survivors, or concentrate on surviving. Chloe hasn't the tact to play ambassador, and Ginna Lee is more likely to take heads than spread goodwill. Promises little hope they can build an alliance, especially if peace hinges on a cure for Jihad. Meanwhile, the landscape they must cross still writhes with roamers and desperate clans.

Mac spins tales around rich, gritty characters with a lot of baggage, and puts them through a bit more grief than they can handle. His tone leans toward the sarcastic, passive aggressive.

Please visit Mac at:

How many genres have YOU written in? (I've done 3 or 4)
How many novels total have you written—published and/or unpublished?
Have you visited Mac's blog before, and checked out his southern-style scenic photos?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Release Party! Michelle Merrill's CHANGING FATE

Today I'm excited to be a part of Michelle Merrill's release party for her latest novel, CHANGING FATE. The book aims to raise an awareness of cystic fibrosis; half the proceeds will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!!! Not only that, this book will be featured for just $2.99 for all of May to celebrate CF Awareness Month. 

All Kate wants is to live. Battling cystic fibrosis is hard enough; dying from it is even harder. When her mom moves them closer to the hospital in the middle of her senior year, Kate’s determined to isolate herself—saving everyone the trouble of befriending a dying girl. It’s a difficult task when cheerful optimist Giana insists on being Kate’s friend.

Kate’s resolve falters even more when curly-haired Kyler captivates her with his sweet melodies. As her emotional walls collapse, Kate realizes the people she’s been pushing away may be the ones giving her a reason to live. But it might be too late.

Want to win a free copy? Visit each participating blog and find all 16 key phrases—2 located in each fun fact section about the author (words are in bold print). Put them together and answer the question in the giveaway on Michelle’s blog for extra points! The giveaway is open to everyone no matter where you live!

Michelle Merrill (1 & 2)      
Carol Riggs (3 & 4)          
Shallee McArthur (5 & 6)  
Kelley Hicken (7 & 8)            
Annette Larsen (9 & 10)              
Rachel Pudelek (11 & 12)                  
Melanie Stanford (13 & 14)            
Chantele Sedgwick (15 & 16)

Michelle Merrill loves kissing her hubby, snuggling her kids, eating candy, reading books, and writing first drafts. She names her computers after favorite fictional characters and fictional characters after favorite names. To learn more about her, visit her website HERE.  

View the CHANGING FATE trailer on youtube HERE!  

2 FUN FACTS about Michelle!
#3. This book is the 6th out of my total 7 written. First one published and nothing like I’ve ever written before. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac and avoid anything medical. That word alone makes me cringe. Also, I don’t like sad stories. Yes, spoiler…this one is a bit sad. If I shed one tear, I get the absolute worst headache. But I was inspired to write this story and I feel lucky to be involved in something so great!

#4. I played softball for 8 years. You’d never know that now, but it’s true. Slow pitch. My favorite position was second base. I still go back to the batting cages every once in a while just for fun…as much fun as it is to get schooled by a machine.


--Do you know much about cystic fibrosis? (I hadn't, before I read the book.)
--How much of your reading involves contemporary novels, as opposed to fantasy, historical, mystery, sci-fi, etc? (I'd say mine is about 10%, one in 10 books that I read.)
--Isn't Michelle's author photo lovely?!