Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ARC Winners + Blog Award

It's time to announce the book winners from the last post! (drumroll please)

The winners of my celebratory "I-Have-A-Book-Contract" giveaway:

1. BLYTHEWOOD: Crystal Collier!
2. CITY OF A THOUSAND DOLLS: Marcy Hatch! (mshatch)
3. A SPARK UNSEEN: Sheri Larsen! (SA Larsen)
4. CROWN OF EMBERS: Amanda Mouras! (amouras)

Congratulations! I'll be contacting the winners and sending out their books, pronto.

NOTE: I won't be posting the first Wednesday of November as per my usual blogging schedule, since I'm moving to Oregon and who knows when I'll get my Internet hooked up. I'll see you on the Other Side, sometime after Oct. 29th. :)

Last month Elizabeth Varaden gave me the Inspiring Blogger Award! Visit her own inspiring blog HERE. Among other things, she posts intriguing posts of her travels abroad, accompanied by fascinating photos. In one of her recent posts, she described eating a spicy octopus dish—fun!

 As per the award, I'm revealing 7 things about myself:

1. I have a degree in Studio Arts from Pacific University, Oregon. I used to do pencil or colored pencil portraits from photographs. Then I got tired of being a "camera," and now I prefer more creative endeavors. I really enjoy doing miniature fabric art, combining bright scraps into pleasing combinations. I've also been designing some graphics for a website my brother is programming.

2. THE BODY INSTITUTE was the 14th book I wrote, after over 350 rejections and 11 years of writing. At least as far as MY journey into the publishing world, persistence (and improving my craft) is the name of the game. I've since written 3-4 more books.

3. I had thyroid cancer when I was 18. Nope, I didn't do chemo or radiation. That was back in 1978 and they just did surgery. No recurrences since, so the only thing that changed is I've been taking thyroid medication for the last few decades.

4. I met Dennis, my current husband, through a Christian dating site. No kidding! Like any online dealings, you definitely have to be careful, but Dennis is definitely a "keeper." 

5. I don't drink coffee, and don't even like the taste. Ew. I also don't like soda/soft drinks—all those irritating little bubbles! So hard to swallow. Give me a nice glass of fruit juice any day. Herbal tea is great in the winter, too.

6. I have two daughters who are almost 26 and 28. Time flies. When they were young, we had fun reading library books, making blanket forts, and making "jewelry people" on the carpet. (The latter being draping necklaces for hair and mouths, using clip-on earrings for eyes, etc.)

7. My eleven-months-older brother and I went to the same university. It was nice having him right across the campus in the guy's dorm, but he was a bit overprotective. One time after visiting him, I remember wandering across the hall with one of his friends into his friend's room, and big brother Lyle came right after us. Maybe he trusted his friend less than I did? Ha.

Do you prefer coffee, or tea? Or do you prefer something entirely different?
Do soft drink bubbles tickle your fancy, or do they perturb you?
How many novels have you written, or is poetry or short stories more your thing?