Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Middle Grade + Sentence Clarity

2015 releases! I'll be a 15er!
How's everyone doing? I'm writing gung-ho on my new middle-grade novel, back into the swing of it after abandoning it for 5 months while I moved from California to Oregon in the fall and did some artwork for my website-programmer brother.

I've read MG novels are generally 20,000-55,000 words. For upper MG like I'm writing, I'm aiming for somewhere around 35-55K. So far I have 36K and am nearing writing the final climax scenes. Should be about right! Anyway, I've been doing that writing instead of *coughcough* stuff like blogposts.

At this rate, I've written half my MG novel in 4 weeks, and will finish the book within another 4. (Helps that it's a shorter novel, though.) My usual speed for rough drafts is 3-4 months. I haven't ever tried NaNo, attempting to cram 50K words into one month of writing. That's a bit TOO fast for me, and I like to have a semblance of a life and sanity while I work.

I was recently excited to find my contracted YA novel, THE BODY INSTITUTE, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It's available for preorder, and not only that, I discovered it had a release day set for September 1 instead of October 6 like I'd thought! I confirmed that with my editor, and plan to do launch parties and blog tours around September 1, 2015. Woo! I've seen my cover mockup too, people, and I like it!

I caught myself writing a sentence similar to this a few days ago:

Kara bounced and smiled in her high heels.

Not sure about the clarity of this, so I decided to reword it. Someone can BOUNCE in high heels, but can someone SMILE in high heels? I'm thinking not. The "and" sentence structure implies she's doing both in her high heels.

Is this anyone's pet peeve besides mine? Snuck is NOT the past tense of sneak. Sneaked is. I constantly see this word in printed and published books. I'd definitely be okay using it in dialogue—because people really do talk that way—but…the narrative?? Eeek. (Sorry, Grammar Queen peeve, here. Although if you look it up, I suppose you'd find "snuck" is becoming more widely accepted.)

Do you find it difficult to get back into a project after you've been away for a while?
How long does it take YOU to write a rough draft of a novel? (no wrong answer, here)
How do you feel about the word SNUCK? :)