Monday, December 21, 2015

Announcing: MY SECOND BOOK!

Ta-dah! Here is the official announcement from Publisher’s Marketplace about my latest book deal from Entangled Teen. What a great Christmas present!

In case you can’t see it, read the paragraph below the image or click to enlarge:

Author of THE BODY INSTITUTE Carol Riggs’s SAFE ZONE, set in a future where one teen boy discovers all the parents have been replaced with aliens, to Stacy Cantor Abrams at Entangled Teen, for publication in Fall 2016 (World). 

I’m excited about working with my excellent editor, Stacy, again. The announcement mentions one of my plot reveals, about the aliens—but luckily that discovery happens close to the beginning of the book. The novel is also on Goodreads already, although without a “real” cover yet. Add it HERE or wait for a more complete summary before deciding if you want to read it.

How did I end up writing another sci-fi novel when I usually write light or contemporary fantasy? Well, Entangled wanted to follow up THE BODY INSTITUTE with another sci-fi, which is wise for second-book marketing purposes. I blew the dust off an old manuscript, sci-fi-ized it, and submitted that; it was accepted. Still, SAFE ZONE is light sci-fi rather than hard, even though it’s set on another planet.

2016: I will be busy this next year, revising SAFE ZONE. Plus, I’ve started writing a fairy tale retelling for a light fantasy novel. I’m still exploring, feeling my way into the voice and characters—it’s awesome to start a totally new project after doing revisions for so long!

What’s on your 2016 agenda? What are your writing or life goals for the new year?
How long has it been since YOU started a brand new project, rather than revising old ones?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

SCBWI Book Launch Party!

Photo art courtesy of the SCBWI
Today is the launch of something brand new and exciting! The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) is presenting a book launch for its authors’ books—picture books through young adult novels. Now that’s reason to celebrate!

Come browse the books! There are contests featured, book trailers to watch, guest books to sign, pages to Like, and books to buy for holiday presents. Can’t lose with all that! Check the titles out HERE.

My young adult sci-fi debut book, THE BODY INSTITUTE, released September 1 and is also featured in this launch party. Have you read it yet? This is an easy opportunity to sign up to be entered to win a paperback copy in a free giveaway that ends January 15. Come visit me HERE, sign the guest book to say “Hi,” and enter!

Have you visited the SCBWI launch party page yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!
Happy holidays! See ya in 2016! Do you have special plans for December?