Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cover Reveal: BOTTLED!

Today I’m thrilled to reveal the cover of my YA fantasy, BOTTLED! My book finally has a “face.” CHECK THIS OUT!!

This was designed by Cora Graphics, who does covers for my publisher, Clean Reads. I think it fits the tone of the novel very well. I think the genie may look a bit more sultry and older than the 17 Adeelah is supposed to look in the story, but this genie is beautiful, so I don’t care!  

View the book summary or add this to your Goodreads reading list: BOTTLED  

Only 6 weeks until the July 7 release!!

What do you think of my cover? What’s your favorite part of it?
Do you often fuss about what your cover will look like before you get it?
Have you ever heard of Cora Graphics’ cover designs?


  1. Super awesome. Just super. The scroll work is gorgeous and the entire ensemble sets such a mood.

  2. What a beautiful cover! Congrats, Carol!

  3. Yeah! And such a beautiful face. Congrats.

  4. I love it. Congrats.

  5. I really love it. A huge congrats!

  6. Your designer did a stellar job. Lovely and intriguing.

  7. Really beautiful! Congratulations! Christy


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