Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Interview with Sue Ford: ALONE

Today I’m delighted to feature an interview with my Oregon author friend, Sue Ford, who has just released an inspirational romantic suspense novel from Clean Reads (June 2016). The title of her book is called ALONE.

Ready for adventure in the snowy Colorado mountains, Cecelia Gage is thrilled to be employed as the live-in housekeeper for her favorite bestselling author. The twenty-five-year old doesn’t count on Mark Andrews being so prickly, nor becoming part of the small town gossip centering on the celebrity. Neither does she expect to become involved in Andrews family drama and a relationship with Simon Lindley, Mark’s oh-so-good-looking best friend. And certainly, Cecelia has no idea she’ll be mixed up in a murder investigation because of this job.

Will Cecelia’s faith in God get her through all the trouble that lies ahead?

1. What do you like about romantic suspense and inspirational novels?
When I was a teen, I fell in love with romantic suspense books. I liked smart female heroines in dangerous situations, imperfect heroes, and tension and suspense. Since that time the inspirational fiction market has become really strong, and I wanted to share my faith as those books do.

2. What makes your book different from other romance novels?
My main character is a live-in housekeeper and cook, so an unusual profession. Also, in many romantic suspense books heroine and hero meet and fall in love in a few days. That doesn’t feel very realistic to me, so I gave my characters time to become friends first.

3. What was the path to publication for this book—long, short, easy, difficult?
This book took a long path to publication. I wrote it very long ago--in the 1980s! It went through some critiques and rewriting and I was unsuccessful at selling it. I set it aside for a long time. Last fall I pulled it out and realized how much I had learned since I'd written it. In my updating and rewriting, I cut 11,000 words. I sent it out to Clean Reads not really expecting anything. Was a nice surprise to get asked if it was still available.

4. Do you use a pen name?
Yes, I actually have two! SM Ford is my initials with my married last name. But I also write for children under my maiden name Susan Uhlig. I like the idea of keeping them separate and have separate websites.

5. What other writing projects are you working on now—what do you hope to accomplish in your writing future?
I also write for children and teens under my maiden name Susan Uhlig, and am working on a "near future" novel in verse. When that is done and out on submission, I have revising to do on a number of other novels. I'd like to see more books in print to reach more readers.

SUE FORD writes inspirational fiction for adults, although teens may find the stories of interest, too. When she was thirteen, she got hooked on Mary Stewart’s romantic suspense books, although she has been a reader as long as she can remember, and is an eclectic reader. Inspirational authors she enjoys include: Francine Rivers, Bodie Thoene, Dee Henderson, Jan Karon, and many more. Sue is a Pacific Northwest gal. She and her husband have two daughters and two sons-in-law and three grandsons. She can’t figure out how she got to be old enough for all that, however. She also loves assisting other writers on their journeys.

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Have you read many inspirational romance books? How about romantic suspense?
What do you hope to accomplish in YOUR writing future?


  1. The live-in housekeeper sounds like a nice, original twist. This book also sounds like it would fall into the genre of "cozy mystery," since a murder investigation is involved. Best of luck with it!

  2. Congrats on your novel, Sue.... It's nice to see earlier writing revived and SOLD...

    Thanks for the interview, Carol....

    I've never read an inspiration romance novel... It is an interesting genre for sure.

    What a LOADED 3rd question... I'll pass on that one... lol

    Now, romantic suspense.... sure. And it could be an intriguing read if the suspense IS suspenseful. LOL

  3. I love small town dramatics. Hi, Sue!

  4. I like hearing about unusual professions. Since the 1980's? You give me hope. I have some ideas from the '90s that I might revisit.

  5. Congrats, Sue! This book sounds great.


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